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      CCW Meet The Team - Up Next, Sarah Hoots!

      CCW Meet The Team - Up Next, Sarah Hoots! | Classic Cycling

      Coming to us from Colorado, we're happy to introduce to you five-year racing veteran Sarah Hoots!  Sarah is a powerhouse of a person, both in physical ability and attitude.  Sarah's strength is definitely her sprints and long aerobic power, and we can't wait to see what her team leadership ability will do for our CCW team!

      Follow Sarah and learn more about her here:  @sarah.hoots

      Meet The Women of the Classic Cycling Presented By B-Line Cycling Team!

      So, this is big.  Like really big.  Classic Cycling has a team.  And they're awesome.

      I've known for years that Women's Cycling has some of the most incredible riders in the sport.  And it's no secret that they have been woefully under-supported.  And this year, I'm compelled to change that.  I've managed teams of great cycling athletes in the past, but this feels different, and in a great way. 

      As the owner and current primary sponsor of the Classic Cycling Presented By B-Line Women's Cycling Development Team (CCW for short), I see this talented group of women athletes as some of the best in the sport, and I can't wait to get behind them with the support they need to develop from amateur cyclists into professional cyclists.  I know they'll do it, and I'm pumped to be a part of their journey.

      Classic Cycling believes in this team so much so that we've repurposed our store blog and dedicated it solely to the CCW team so that our friends, partners, and customers can follow along as they train, develop, encourage and grow in the sport of cycling.

      So join us in sharing in this fantastic journey with Florence, Katy, Merrill, Sommers, and Sarah by checking our blog often to see what's new and what's happening with the team.  Here, you'll get to know the riders personally, see some of their personal pictures, hear from them about life and cycling, follow their racing schedules and finishes, and find out how you can support them along the way.

      I'm excited, and I'm glad you're here with the CCW team!