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      We have been informed by the United States Postal Service that widespread delays of seven days or more should be expected during the 2020 Holiday Season. 

      Here at Classic, we process orders as soon as they are received, mostly within 24-48 hours of the order being placed.  They are then given over to the USPS to make their way to you.  Once they have been received by USPS, we do not have any control over the speed in which they arrive to you. 

      We ourselves have noticed that tracking and shipping information has been slower to arrive to us from the USPS, and we share in your frustration when we can't give you more information about the status of your package.  But please rest assured that we have done our part in processing your order in a timely way, and we will share all tracking info as soon as it becomes available to us from the USPS.

      Thank you for your understanding and patience with the United States Postal Service.