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      Let's be honest.  As a team, we have a goal.  We envision a regional Southeast team of women cyclists that performs, inspires, delivers and grows the sport.  We have big plans, even bigger dreams, and those dreams take support.  That's why we are asking or your support.  We believe that our women's team offers opportunities to move the sport of cycling forward for all women and  are passionate about getting these talented athletes to the races and events where they can shine.  We're looking to put the most power - from product to financial support behind them as we we can by partnering with others who share our vision.  


      As the season gets under way we are focused on getting our riders to National caliber events to provide them the stage to showcase their abilities.  The events span coast to coast.  While at an event we cover expenses such as entries, housing, food, support and transportation.  We intend to treat them like pros so they can focus on the task at hand, racing.  


      If you would like to help support our athletes please consider donating to our cause   100% of the proceeds goes to support the team.  If you have questions about opportunities with the team please inquire at info@classiccycling.com