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       Castelli Classic Cycling Inferno Bib Shorts

      This short was created based on Team Garmin-Barracuda’s request for a short for the blazing heat of Italy in May and France in July. We examined the specific function of each part of the short and used 7 different fabrics to make a short that is as cool as possible yet up to the task of performing for the most demanding riders on 7-hour mountain stages. We’ve incorporated titanium dioxide, the active ingredient in sunscreen, directly into the fabrics so that they reflect the sun’s rays. Still, sunscreen is highly recommended.  But this short is not just about staying cool.  We’ve kept an abrasion-resistant ballistic nylon fabric on the inside of the leg but knitted it with wicking polyester on the inside to keep you dry. The leg ending is our renowned and often copied (though never equaled) GIRO3 elastic, and our Progetto X2 Air seat pad is used with its ventilated skincare layer to keep you cool.





      • The ultimate short for racing and riding in hot conditions

      • 7 Different fabrics to bring maximum cooling to each

      • specific part of the short

      • GIRO3 single-layer engineered leg gripper

      • Race radio pocket

      • Progetto X2 Air seat pad for famous X2 comfort and

      • improved airflow

      • Use of sunscreen is recommended



      Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Castelli Classic Cycling Inferno Bib Shorts is for you.

      Inventory Last Updated: May 22, 2024
      SKU CasClassicBibsInferno-M-1

      Castelli Men's Sizing

      Chest 36-37in 38-39in 39-41in 41-43in 43-45in 45-47in
      Waist 27-29in 29-31in 31-33in 33-35in 36-38in 38-41in

      Castelli Women's Sizing

      Chest 31-33in 33-35in 35-37in 37-39in 39-41in 41-42in
      Waist 25-26in 27-28in 29-30in 31-32in 33-34in 35in
      Hips 34-36in 36-38in 38-40in 40-42in 42-44in 44-45in

      Castelli Shoe Cover Sizing Euro Shoe Sizes

      Men ----- 36-39 40-42 43-44 45-46 46-48
      Women 35-37 37-39 39-42 ----- ----- -----

      Castelli Socks Sizing Euro Shoe Sizes

      Men's 36-39 40-43 44-47
      Women's 35-38 39-41 -----

      Castelli Gloves Sizing

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      Women's 6.3in 6.3-7.1in 7.1-7.9in 7.9-8.7in 8.7in -----

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