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      Castelli Presto Due Cycling Bib Shorts

      IT’S IN THE NAME.  One of the meanings of Presto in Italian is quick, and that’s how we tried to make this short look. From the flowing lines to the aggressive use of color and contrast, this short will make you stand out. We’ve built in all the technical details too, from the Affinity 210 Lycra® fabric to the KISS3 seat pad, a mesh bib and our new 50/50 Light Compress leg gripper. This short offers excellent muscle support and compression, a very anatomical fit, and a seat pad that’s been proven by the pink jersey wearer at the GIRO d’Italia. Very quick indeed.

      Fit characteristics and important notes about fit for the Castelli Free Aero bib shorts;

      • European sizing.  Slim and tailored fit.  Runs on the small side.  

      • Compression feel. 

      • Bib straps are short and feel tight in the upright standing position but are comfortable in the riding position.

      • Fit Classification = Pro Fit. See our Perfect Fit Guide to understand what Pro Fit is. To determine your size and to insure you get a fit that you desire it is highly recommended you take the time to consult the Perfect Fit Guide.  If you provide an accurate measurement while looking at the Castelli sizing chart you can expect a fit similar to the Pro Fit examples picture.  If you desire it be to looser or tighter we suggest you make your size adjustments based on the fit you see in the Pro Fit picture example.

      • Sizing is just a name on a tag so don't be hung up on "I am a medium", after all nobody is going to be looking at the tag, but more how it fits.   Getting the right size comes down to understanding the intended fit of the bib shorts by the manufacturer.  We represent that with our Perfect Fit Guide Pictures and the Fit Classification indicated above and then checking the manufacturers sizing chart with an accurate waist measurment.  If you understand the intended fit of the Castelli Free Aero bib shorts and get your corresponding waist size from our sizing chart you can expect it to fit as the manufacturer intended.

      Product Features:

      • Affinity 210 Lycra® fabric provides outstanding stretch and rebound

      • Anatomic cut

      • 50/50 Light compress leg gripper

      • Mesh bib for breathability

      • Sublimated graphic side panel

      • 2 Rear reflective tabs

      • KISS3 seat pad for all-day comfort


      On the fence about this Castelli Presto Due Bib Shorts - White-Antracite? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

      Inventory Last Updated: Jul 04, 2020
      SKU 13004-109-S

      Castelli Men's Sizing

      Chest 36-37in 38-39in 39-41in 41-43in 43-45in 45-47in
      Waist 27-29in 29-31in 31-33in 33-35in 36-38in 38-41in

      Castelli Women's Sizing

      Chest 31-33in 33-35in 35-37in 37-39in 39-41in 41-42in
      Waist 25-26in 27-28in 29-30in 31-32in 33-34in 35in
      Hips 34-36in 36-38in 38-40in 40-42in 42-44in 44-45in

      Castelli Shoe Cover Sizing Euro Shoe Sizes

      Men ----- 36-39 40-42 43-44 45-46 46-48
      Women 35-37 37-39 39-42 ----- ----- -----

      Castelli Socks Sizing Euro Shoe Sizes

      Men's 36-39 40-43 44-47
      Women's 35-38 39-41 -----

      Castelli Gloves Sizing

      Men's 7.1in 7.1-7.9in 7.9-8.7in 8.7-9.4in 9.4-10in 10in
      Women's 6.3in 6.3-7.1in 7.1-7.9in 7.9-8.7in 8.7in -----