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      Defeet Slipstream

      So, lets face it, the Slipstream is basically a large sock. It is made of a heavy weight durable material.  Upon receiving a Slipstream you may think you were shipped a sock, but if it says Slipstream on the product, you did indeed receive a Slipstream shoe cover, not a sock.   The Slipstream is a "large shoe sock" you will have to cut a cleat hole to fit your shoes, but the beauty of this is, you can customize it to fit the cleat systeam you use.  The Slipstream is a tremendously succesful product, that over the years has been copied by nearly every cycling clothing manufacturer on the planet. 

       Now that I have all that out of the way lets see what Defeet has to say about the Slipstream.

      "As recently as the late 1980’s, professional road cyclists would wear a pair of socks over their shoes while racing and training. If asked why they did this, they would answer "It’s warmer, more aerodynamic, keeps my shoes cleaner, looks better, and it makes me faster." Of course, one could argue that putting cotton socks over cycling shoes makes none of those possible. DeFeet crafted a solution that actually keeps windchill off the feet, creates smoother lines, keeps dirt out, looks better, and ultimately makes riders faster. Slipstream’s™ also last much longer than a pair of socks while barely costing more. Pay homage to the classic era of cycling, wear Slipstreams™ and go faster.".

      DeFeet shoe cover was developed for two purposes: to shield your feet from chilling cold and to create an aerodynamic advantage. Wear Slipstream shoe cover directly over your cycling shoes to feel greater comfort on cool days and to slice through the wind. To help eliminate confusion this is basically an oversized sock that is made of a thicker and more durable material.




      INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUTTING YOUR CLEAT HOLES: While cutting the cleat hole in your Slipstreams I suggest starting small and gradually cutting the hole as you fit it around your cleat. Please see the pictures for help in cutting. Please click on the photo above and scroll through to find a collage of pictures to help guide you in the cutting.


      On the fence about this DeFeet Slipstream Shoe Cover- Oversock - World Champion? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

      Inventory Last Updated: Jun 10, 2023
      SKU DeFeetSlipstreamUCIWC-S/M

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