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      DMT Vega Cycling Shoes Look Sole

      •The newest shoe from DMT, the VEGA, is an absolute innovation. Born and developed in Italy, the VEGA combines state of the art materials with the knowhow of technical cycling shoe experts.

      •Special care has been taken in every detail. The elegant lines and clean design accentuate the great features of the VEGA. The VEGA’s anatomical shape contours the foot. The new AIRTECH carbon fiber sole is made of UD FAW: 150 the same material that’s used in aerospace technology. The aerated and extremely breathable upper is a seamlessly thermo-fixed combination of MICRO1, a new breathable microfiber synthetic leather only 1mm thick and MICRO AIR CELL, a ventilated nylon mesh. Together they deliver a new level of comfort and temperature control. Two lightweight Boa™ closures provide a precision fit with micro-adjustability, even on the fly.

      •The DMT VEGA is designed for demanding cyclists that log many hours on the bike and expect the maximum from their shoes.

      •INSOLE: In the polypropylene insole there are 5mm diameter holes. These holes work in tandem with the new AIRTECH sole to create a breathable and lightweight cycling shoe. The surface of the sole has pressure lines to show the normal pressure points of the base of the foot.

      •CLOSURE: Two Boa rotors control a stainless steel thread that follows the bottom line of the shoe to the toe creating a wrapped closure. This newly developed synthetic lateral grommet system are anti-grip allowing the thread to slide securely and efficiently.

      •BOA System: The Boa closure system is the most advanced on the market. There is no comparison in terms of performance and safety. The exceptionally durable and light rotors are matched to stainless steel laces to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

      •SOLE: AIRTECH Carbon Sole: a technical project to accomplish better ventilation of the cyclist foot. 

      •This high performance sole is made from a monocoque mold to eliminate the external counter and to wrap the foot. The AIRTECH sole is composed 100% of Carbon fiber UD FAW150. This kind of carbon fiber is widely applied in the aerospace industry for its extreme strength, elasticity, flexibility and resistance to impact.

      •The single body AIRTECH sole breathes through the front opening, protected with a micro nylon-mesh. It is a totally anatomic shape and has micro holes 5mm in diameter to aid in breathability. 

      •Overall Features: Carbon UD FAW150 utilizes an anatomic heel counter, monocoque construction, replaceable contact studs, cleat position indicators, and a sandpaper finish on the base to prevent sliding. An added front vent for maximum airflow is protected by a filtering micro net. 

      •3 hole Look specific sole only.

      •UPPER: Thermofixed seamless MICRO1 and MICRO AIR CELL for maximum breathability.

      •MICRO1: From DMT research and development laboratories comes the new upper MICRO1.

      •This revolutionary microfiber is 1mm thick which guarantees reduced weight. Many lab tests gave DMT the idea to apply this new thermofixed seamless upper in the new top road model, the DMT Vega. Light, soft, durable and comfortable: these are the features that give the Vega its unique prowess.

      •MICRO AIR CELL: The innovative upper MICRO1 is combined with nylon mesh MICRO AIR CELL that is made 100% in Italy. 

      •A mesh in nylon JP361 that is transparent and anti-allergy developed to allow maximum air flow through its honeycomb structure that is thin but durable.

      •Adhering the MICRO1 to the MICRO AIR CELL creates an upper that has never been realized until today. These two innovative materials are thermofixed to each other and comfortably wrap the cyclist’s foot.

      TONGUE: Made from MICRO1 microfiber with micro holes is patterned to the contours of the foot. Velcro fixed to the inner edge secures the position of the tongue inside the shoe.

      Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the DMT Vega Cycling Shoes Look Sole White is for you.

      Inventory Last Updated: May 27, 2022
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