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      FR-C Bib Shorts & Shorts

      When Giordana created the FR-C collection their goal was to create the best cycling clothing that has been produced and do so they would have to create items that were not only technically superior as well as fit great but also items that work in harmony together.  With the FR-C  bib shorts and shorts they have accomplished that.  Not only are FR-C bib shorts and shorts the most comfortable bib shorts out there they work perfectly when paired with the FR-C and Flex jerseys. 

      If you want to give the FR-C line a try you need to give the bib shorts a serious look.  I can not think of a more important garment you can purchase that will have more impact on your on the bike comfort than a great pair of shorts.  Just to impress upon you how good the Giordana FR-C bib shorts are they won Bicycling's Editors Choice for the best high end bib shorts for 2011 beating out ALL other brands.  When you want the best you want Giordana FR-C.