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      Return policies are listed below.


      Wondering how long it will take before your package will arrive?
      All of our orders are shipped based on the method you choose when you placed your order. We ship all orders within 1-3 business days. We ship everything via the US Postal Service. All delivery times are an estimate provided by the USPS. They tend to be accurate but again they are an estimate and as such can vary depending on USPS's service.

      If your order is shipping internationally
      we will declare the actual cost of the goods in your order on the Customs Form. Please do not ask us to change it. If there are any customs or taxes due on the product it is the responsibility of the consumer to pay the taxes. These taxes are levied by the country we are shipping to and a result of their own laws. We will perform additional verification for international shipments where the card billing address and shipping address are different.

      If you need your package by a specific date
      Be aware that the shipping times are estimates. The only service that we offer that has a reliable delivery base on the specified time estimate is Express Mail, but only in the US. If you pick Express Mail in the US please be mindful of the time of day the order is placed. If it is placed after noon there is a chance it might not go out till the next business day.

      Basically what we are saying is don't order something late in the day and pick a delivery service that must be spot on to meet your time frame. We do our best but once it leaves us we can not influence the delivery with the USPS.

      We will try our best to bump you up to the top of the list in shipping if you give us a heads up that you are trying to receive the package by a specific date.  This applies for all shipping services. Simply email and let us know.

      Free Shipping 

      Only applies to items shipped to a US address.  The package will be shipped the most economical way which is chosen by Classic Cycling

      PLEASE NOTE:  While our shipping software gives you an estimate of the service time frame, it is only an estimate.  We do not guarantee delivery times.  We are not responsible for USPS delivery time frames or issues.  If you pay for  Priority Mail EXPRESS and it is not delivered in the alloted time frame specified when the label is printed we will refund the shipping fee.  If the USPS tries to dleiver and for any reason they can not we are not responsible.

      PLEASE NOTE:   Anyone who purchases with a U.S. address and then ships items outside of the U.S will be responsible for return shipping. We will not refund your purchase partially or in full just because you are in a different country. Unfortunately we run into many scammers who try this on a daily basis. Please make sure to fully check your items before sending them outside of the country.  It is up to the buyer to check the shipment before they send it out of the country.  Classic Cycling is not responsible for any taxes that are incurred due to shipping out of the country, nor are we responsible for taxes paid on merchandise that is returned to us.

      US Domestic

      There are several different shipping options available to our Domestic customers. Express Mail gives you one-day service and tracking information is provided. We do our best to mail all Express Mail packages the same day; however sometimes Express Mail orders that are placed later in the day miss the USPS package pickup times and will be mailed the following day. If you opt for Priority Mail, you should receive your package within two to three days after mailing, and tracking information is provided. First Class delivery offers you delivery of your package within two to six business days, and the time it takes generally depends on your distance from our location in North Carolina. All items shipped for free are sent First Class.

      If you would like to track your package, you can use your confirmation number to do so through the USPS. The information you can get about the location of your package while en route to you is dependent upon how often the Postal Service scans your package information. Please be aware that we reserve the right to cancel any order we are not comfortable with. Any order that circumvents our shipping policy will be canceled.

      International Shipments

      Right now, we only ship to a limited number of countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, and a few others. If you live in a country where we do not currently ship, please contact us via email and we can discuss shipping options with you. Don’t assume we can’t do it; just contact us and we will do our best to get you the items you need. International shipments follow much the same pattern as domestic shipments, with the primary difference being the time it takes for you to receive it. To keep it simple we use a flat rate price. This price is for USPS First Class Air. First Class air takes an average of 6-10 business days. This is an average and although it holds true 90% of the time, it does exceed this time frame on rare occasions. PLEASE note this service DOES NOT have tracking. If you want tracking please contact us and we will give you a quote for Express Mail.

      Shipping Options

      The following are some other shipping options we offer and the details associated with them. If you want any other service other than First Class Air please contact us for a quote.

        • Priority Mail - Arrives within five to ten business days, some countries will support USPS's Confirmation label but you can not track with this service.
        • Express Mail - Offers you delivery within two to five business days and includes tracking to most countries.

      Please note that we do reserve the right to cancel any order that we are not comfortable with. Any order that circumvents our shipping policy will be canceled.

      Returns Policy

      At Classic Cycling, we have a “no questions asked” return policy, and we really mean it. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a product or simply want to return it, all you have to do is contact us through our Return Authorization page. As long as the product you wish to return meets the following requirements we will accept your return.  ITEMS FROM OUR CLEARANCE SALE CATEGORY OR LISTED UNDER A CATEGORY WITH A DESCRIPTION OF FINAL SALE ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN.  

      Items not eligible for return are clearance, final sale and closeout items.  If you checked the terms and conditions box assoicated with aforementioned items the items can not be returned.  

      All returns must:

      • be within 30 days from your date of purchase
      • be in new condition with all tags attached
      • be in the original packaging
      • include a copy or the original packing slip that came with your order

      If you do the the things above for us, we will never give you a hassle about anything you return.  Buyers are responsible for return shipping fees.  

      We can not warranty or guarantee comfort.  Once an item has been worn we can not accept a return on it.

      Custom items made for specific teams and or events are not eligible for return.

      Pricing of sale items - Since many of our sale items are closeouts we do not honor price differences on the same item.  Why is this? Often times we will continue to reduce pricing to clear out inventory and buying early you get access to better sizing options and quantities.  As an item progresses through higher sales discounts these options will become limited due to declining inventories.


      Once we receive your return package, we will process your return within 14 days of it arriving at our office. Most, if not all, of our returns are processed in less than 7 days of arrival. Returns can take longer if they are a warranty claim or submitted improperly. If you are concerned about your return, feel free to contact us. It is not required, but when you are contacting us, and can provide a tracking number, we can usually return a more detailed answer to your question.


      Check and/or cash cannot be issued for items purchased with a credit card, the amount must be refunded to the original credit card used to purchase the product. The credit may not show up until the next payment cycle on your credit card, we have no control over that. You will be notified via email when we submit a refund transaction. We do not refund your original shipping service charges and we do not pay the return shipping charges unless the return was a result of our error. If you decide to order another item (size swap) to replace the item you returned, we will not charge you to ship the new replacement item(s), provided it is in the USA. Some credit cards have a time limit that we can refund the transaction. If this time frame has passed we will issue the refund in the form of a check.

      Exchanges and Size Swaps

      In cases where you would like to exchange one item for another, for example a size swap, please find the product you would like as an exchange, on our website, and check that it is available. please make note of this item on your return. If it is not available, or if it is out of stock, please contact us and we will help you find a replacement. We do not charge you shipping for any replacement items, but we do ask you to ship the items you are returning back to us. Remember, we are always happy to help you find the item you are looking for. It can be disappointing to have to return or exchange an item, but let us help ensure that the next item you receive is a keeper. Shoot us an email explaining what you liked and disliked about the item you are returning, and we will be more than happy to suggest a replacement we think will better suites you.