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      Why Buy From Us? Expert Fit Advice No Hassle Returns Secure Site Free US Shipping

      At Classic Cycling, we're cyclists, too. That means we know a thing or two about the products and brands that we sell. For advice from a real cyclist about what would work best for you, email us at info@classiccycling.com and we're always happy to help.

      About Us Storefront

      Coupons - Promotions

      We do provide coupons - promotions from time to time.  Some coupons will have limitations and restrictions.  Only one coupon can be used per order.   For information on coupons please email us. We reserve the right to cancel any coupon and or sale related to one. Coupons can be specific coupons that are entered at the time of checkout or instant coupons that are automatically applied to the cart. 

      Out of Stock Policy

      We make every effort to maintain our inventory and mark items “out-of-stock" or remove the item on our website. On occasion, however, we may have fewer items in stock than what you order or the item may have just have become "out-of-stock" from a previous order. Should this happen, we will be in contact directly with you via e-mail to discuss your order.

      Errors on the Website

      While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we cannot be responsible for errors, omissions, or misprints. Prices are subject to confirmation and change without notice. Errors may include incorrect product and service descriptions, incorrect information regarding the availability of specific products, typographical errors and obsolete information, with the result that product descriptions, information regarding product availability, pricing information and the descriptions of promotional offers or other data may not be complete, current or accurate. In addition, errors may result when honoring a request or order placed by you if such request or order is based on incorrect information. We reserve the right to update or change information and correct any errors, inaccuracies, or other errors at any time. The price of each product will only be confirmed by us upon the submission of an order by a customer. In the event we discover an error of any kind in pricing or product information, we reserve the right to, in our sole discretion, (i) cancel any order related to such pricing or product information error, (ii) before shipping the product to customer, notify the customer of the error, and await the customer’s instructions as to whether or not the customer wishes to proceed with the order in light of the error, or (iii) if a pricing error is involved, and a pricing error favors the customer, ship the product to customer at the incorrect price to the customer’s benefit. Products described on the website are available only while supplies last, and we reserve the right to discontinue the offering or sale of any product or service at any time, without notice.

      Pricing of sale items - Since many of our sale items are closeouts we do not honor price differences on the same item.  Why is this? Often times we will continue to reduce pricing to clear out inventory and buying early you get access to better sizing options and quantities.  As an item progresses through higher sales discounts these options will become limited due to declining inventories.