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      Perfect Fit Guide

      Do you want the Perfect Fit?  Take 5 minutes to read this and you will be on your way to understanding the fit of cycling jerseys.

      Get The Perfect Fit The First Time

      Want the best fit for your cycling investment? Sure you do! Hey, cycling stuff ain't cheap, so making sure it fits right and looks and feels good is a big deal. But what size should you get? Are you a medium? A large? Extra Large?!? It can be confusing, and frustrating when you get that new jersey or bibs just in time for your next ride and it doesn't fit. What to do? Time to go to school on sizing in the cycling world.

      It All Starts With Sizing Charts

      Every manufacturer has a sizing chart. We really can't emphasize enough how important it is to reference them if you want the right fit the first time. We've provided those for you here, but we know you probably aren't going to go whipping out the measuring tape to figure out what size to buy, even though we really want you to. If you do, you might get the fit you're looking for. Yes, we said might. For most things like bibshorts, tights, warmers, gloves and shoes sizing charts can be a big help. But for jerseys, a measurement is only the starting point. What you really have to understand to ensure the right fit is the cut of the garment. Oh..and don't be hung up on the size printed in the collar. The goal is to have a jersey that fits, so although the size is very important the style of fit is even more important. Check this out...

      There's a certain way manufacturers cut their jerseys. Some are loose, some kind of snug, some tight as a second skin. There are reasons for all of these cuts, but the problem is how do you know which cut you're dealing with? Classic Cycling is trying to make that easy for you so you'll get the fit you're after every time you buy from us. Here's how we do it. All of our jerseys are marked with one of three stamps, either Sport, Pro, or Race, and that way you'll know what to expect when you get your clothing. So whip out that measuring tape, get a general idea of what you need, but then consider these cuts before you make your size decision.

      How We Classify Jerseys

      Cycling Sport Fit Logo Small

      Sport Fit

      If you can picture your favorite oversized t-shirt, you’re well on your way to knowing what a sport fit is going to look like on you. Loose-fitting and relaxed, a jersey marked with a sport stamp is targeted for easy rides around town in a style that’s going to give you more than enough room to move around.

      We've got them all marked for you with our fit stamps, but it might help to know that Giordana may call these jerseys "Super Fit" and Hincapie may call them "Club Cut". You may see these names listed in a product's descriptions around the web.

      Cycling Sport Fit Example Photo

      Cycling Pro Fit Small Logo

      Pro Fit

      If you’re more comfortable in a slightly more tailored look, then the Pro fit is probably the fit you’re looking for. More fitted to the body than the Sport fit, the Pro fit is going to begin to give you some of the performance features of a higher-end jersey, but it’s still going to offer some room to breath.

      About 85% of all of the cycling jerseys we carry are going to fall into this category. You can look for our fit stamp to see what you're dealing with, but be careful. In this category, even a Pro Fit will vary from manufactuerer to manufactuer, so it's very important to take your mesaurements and reference each company's specific sizing charts.

      For instance, what Giordana calls a "Sport" jersey would be on the looser end of what we consider a Pro Fit to be while a Giordana "Euro" jersey would be on the tighter end of the Pro Fit spectrum. And as for Castelli, we reccommend that you order a full size larger on all of their products, regardless of their fit stamp.

      Cycling Pro Fit Example Photo

      Cycling Race Fit Logo Small

      Race Fit

      If you’re considering a jersey with a Race Fit, you’re shopping for some serious cycling gear. Jerseys with this cut are very form fitting in order to offer you the benefit of aerodynamic riding. They are the tightest of the three cuts available, and therefore most people who buy this cut wind up buying sometimes even several sizes larger than they would in a different cut.

      So check out our site and look for the cut stamps so you’ll know which size will be right for you. If the jersey you’re eyeing is a Pro cut, you may need to order a size up from what the size chart tells you. If it’s a Race cut, maybe even a few sizes up is what you’ll need.

      Cycling Race Fit Example Photo

      Measuring Guide and Tips

      PLEASE NOTE: Getting the correct size starts with knowing your measurements. Please take the time to measure. The goal is to have a garment that fits. So, please do not get hung on what size is on the inside of the collar. Use the size charts and our Perfect Fit guide to find the jersey that fits the way you want it to fit.

      Cycling Clothing Measuring Guide