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      Become a Classic Team Member or Ambassador and get Classic swag, private discounts, and much more.  
      Do you love your Classic products?

      Classic Team Members / Ambassadors help support and promote Classic Cycling through social media and local grassroots efforts. To be eligible, you must:

      • Ride your bike regularly (not a racer? No problem!)
      • Be highly active on social media and have a strong following on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram
      • Be an active member of your local cycling community
      • Own and wear current Classic Cycling products

      As a Classic Team Member / Ambassador, you will be required to:

      • Encourage local teams and clubs to use Classic for custom orders
      • Continue to be highly active on social media by engaging with other cycling enthusiasts.
      • Represent Classic Cycling as much as possible when riding and participating in cycling events
      Those selected for the Classic Team / Ambassador Program will receive a 40% off coupon for Classic merchandise, have access to Team / Ambassador only clothing and designs, be part of a fun loving group of cyclists.

      Space is limited, so apply today!  Fill out the following info and tell us a little about yourself.  Please include your Facebook, Instagram and or Twitter accounts.
      Email info@classiccycling.com for more details.