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      FR-C Cycling Collection

      When you demand the best you demand Giordana FRC or Forma Red Carbon.  Every garment in this collection is designed to be the best not only in fit but also function.  In regards to fit this collection was made with the racer in mind thus all of the items are VERY form fitting.  For example the jerseys in this collection are short in the front and while many customers do not understand this the idea behind it is that when you are in the riding position, don't forget this is a cycling jersey and not a walking jersey, there is no extra material to bunch up in your mid section.  Now if you were to walk around in this jersey this same trait will make the front of the jersey very short and prone to showing some midsection on taller riders.  The FRC items are designed to make you both fast and comfortable on the bike.

      Giordana FRC is the only collection in the Body Clone category.  The garments are designed to contour perfectly to the body, while forming a "second skin" that makes every movement feel natural & comfortable. Every pattern is designed to utilize both the anatomic form of a cyclist while on the bike, and to exploit the inherent properties of the materials. The unique fit and exceptional performance of Body Clone garments create a new level of cycling apparel that is unrivaled.