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      Giordana Sport

      I personally love the look of a retro jersey and Giordana has done a splendid job with the new Giordana Sport line.  It is a marriage of old school fashion meets modern materials.  One thing to note with the Giordana Sport is the jerseys do tend to fit looser and were designed that way. 

      Giordana Sport collection expands on the Italian heritage and foundation which Giordana's international success was built. In the new collection, the Giordana Sport tag is still sewn upside down on the underside of the jersey, while an embroidered '79 on the right sleeve adds another unique retro touch. A 'flocking' type of treatment of the Giordana Sport logo on the jersey and bib shorts also recalls the wool race jerseys that started it all.

      New features such as the high-compression bib shorts, top of the line Cirro chamois, the modern Giro-style jersey, and one of our lightest and most moisture wicking fabrics all combine to create a unique synergy of classic styling with more than three decades of cycling experience.

      Giordana Sport embodies the essence of timeless, minimalist designs from another era. Technology has come a long way since then and this collection isn't simply a recycled idea. The Giordana Sport collection melds cutting-edge performance and supreme comfort with an eye to the past, creating the ultimate blend of function and style. With Giordana Sport, we remember the past and celebrate the present by presenting the best of both in this new unmatched collection.