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      Men's Bib Shorts

      We are such big fans of Giordana we stock one of the largest selections you will find anywhere for Giordana bib shorts.   Giordana produces some of the best bib shorts on the planet and I think the fact that they won Bicycling's Editors Choice for Best High end Bib Shorts for 2011 proves that.  The core to any short lies in its chamois and every chamois that Giordana uses is made in house in Italy. 

      They are constantly inmproving their products and the new Cirro Omni Form chamois is proof of that.  It uses an antibacterial fabric that is treated with Aloe Vera to help portect the skin as well as variable density and thickness foams.

      Giordana bib shorts have been produced in Italy at the highest standards for over 30 years.  When you buy Giordana you can rest assured you are buying clothing that has been time tested as well enduring the rigors of the worlds hardest races.