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      Defeet UnDLite Recycled Sleeveless Tank Base Layer

      DeFeet is always looking for ways to create a more sustainable product line. Our socks for example are made from either recycled plastic bottles or wool. We added the UnDRecycle not just because its made from sustainable fibers, but because it fills an important gap in the UnD line. UnDRecycle fits between the UnDShurt and the UnDLite on the temperature/intensity scale. Its ideal for long days in the mountains that will see hot climbs and fast, cooling descents but may also see thunderstorms and lengthy cafe stops. Its subtle thermal property makes it slightly warmer than the UnDLite while climbing but thats what gives UnDRecycle the edge for cool descents and Summer mountain storms.
      The DeFeet UnDLite Recycled Sleeveless Tank White destined to impress, and priced at only $39.99, for a limited time.

      Inventory Last Updated: Jul 13, 2024
      SKU DEFEETUNDLiteTankWhite-XL

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