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      Nalini Gisa Thermal Shoe Covers


      Temps: +6.0 / +12.0 ° C 43.0 / 54.0 ° F


      Made in Italy


      A thermoregulator membrane that offers excellent protection against water and wind, and maintains the microclimate between the skin and fabric. Light and elastic, it allow the evaporation of sweat for maximum comfort.
      • Great stretching and shape recovering capacity
      • W ater resistance >2000 mm (UNI EN 20811/93)
      • Allows transpiration 300 g/m2 day (UNI 4818-26/92)
      • Windbreaker from 0 to 5 mbar, l/min 10 cm2 (DIN 53887-1995)
      • High resistance to light (UVA UVB rays)
      • Does not swell in water
      • Resistance to delamination 5 (UNI EN ISO 105 E01/98)


      TEFLON ® provides maximum water and stain repellency without affecting breathability f the fabric. TEFLON ® is durable to washing and dry-cleaning. (Follow manufacturer ’s care instructions). Warm ironing or tumble drying will optimize the performance of TEFLON ®. TEFLON ®is dermatologically tested.

      Size U.S. European
      S 7 38-39
      M 7.5 - 8 39-40
      L 8.5 - 9 41-42
      XL 9.5 - 10 43-44
      XXL 10.5 - 11.5 45-46
      Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Nalini Gisa Winter Shoe cover Black is for you.

      Inventory Last Updated: Feb 25, 2024
      SKU 731007573023002-L

      Nalini Men's Sizing

      Chest 35-37in 37-38in 39-40in 40-41in 42-43in 43-44in
      Waist 27-29in 29-31in 31-33in 33-35in 36-38in 38-41in
      Inseam 8.7in 9.1in 9.4in 9.8in 10in


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