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      Classic Cycling Aero Socks

      Our Classic Cycling Aero Socks use a ribbed aero material that is worn by some of the best teams in the world. While some skin suits will use this material on many panels, socks have generally been overlooked. We feel that one of the best applications for this material is with socks. The sock is always in a vertical position cutting through the air, thus the perfect place to utilize aerodynamics.

      Aero socks save approximately 3-5 watts over traditional socks. The secret is the ribbed material on the sock tube. When air hits the sock, the ribbed material (think dimples on a golf ball) creates a small boundary of turbulence that surrounds the sock. This boundary of turbulent air creates less friction. Without the ribbing effect, the air would bounce around the sock creating a long tail of turbulence. With the ribbed effect, air hits the rib, which creates a small turbulent air boundary thus creating a smaller tail of turbulence. Think of the turbulence created by the ribs as oil on a bearing. With the oil the bearing runs smooth because the oil adds a thin layer of lube which reduces friction. Without the oil, the bearing creates more friction, thus making it slower or less efficient. The ribs create a small barrier of turbulent air that acts similar to the oil by creating less friction, and helps the sock slice through the wind.

      Fit: These socks have to stay in place to work effectively, and to do so we incorporate two silicon bands. Unlike other brands that are prone to falling down, our double bands do an excellent job holding them in place. With all this said, it is important to get the correct size. Too large and they will fall down, too small and they will grip the leg very tight.

      1. Aero Striped fabric uppers
      2. Mesh woven socks bottom

      - Aero Spandex: High wicking and fast drying, beautiful and unique.
      - Soft Elastic band: comfortable and anti-slipping while pedaling.
      - Mesh socks bottom: moisture-wicking technical fabrics great at wicking moisture away from the skin.
      - Double silicon bands on the top help keep the sock in place.

      Sizing: US/Euro

      Small = 3.5-5 US 36-38 Euro

      Medium = 5.5-7 US 39-41 Euro

      Large = 7.5-10 US 42-44 Euro

      Extra Large = 10.5-12.5 US 45-47

      The Classic Cycling Aero Socks - Black Fluo is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

      Inventory Last Updated: Jul 20, 2024
      Classic Cycling
      SKU CC-Aero-Sock-BKFL-Medium

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      Classic Cycling Men's Sizing

        Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large
      Chest  36-37in  38-39in  39-41in  41-43in  43-45in 45-47in
      Waist  27-28in  28-30in  30-33in  33-36in  36-39in 39-40in

      Classic Cycling Women's Sizing

        X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large
      Chest  31-33in  33-35in  35-37in  37-39in  39-41in 41-42in
      Waist  25-26in  27-28in  29-30in  31-32in  33-34in 35in
      Hip  34-36in  36-38in  38-40in  40-42in  42-44in 44-45in

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