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      Final Closeout - Winter Items

      When you need Giordana FRC, Silverline, Laser bib tights, jackets, long sleeve jerseys, vest and other items to keep you warm you need to visit out Giordana Winter Sale.  All of Giordana's winter items are made in the Italy and ooze quality and style.  So not only is this your chance to get some of the best winter cycling gear out there but also at prices up to 50% off.

      For the best protection from the Winter elements you can not go wrong with Giordana FRC winter items.  Not only are they made out of the latest high tech materials but with the FRC collection part of the Body Clone collection you will be assured of a body hugging anatomic fit.  Items in the winter FRC collection include, themal jacket, lightweight jackets, long sleeve jersey, bib tights and base layers.

      For a more economical choice to the FRC but with all the warming characteristics check out the Silverline collection.  This collection is designed to keep you just as warm but offers a ore generous cut.  I mean seriously how many of us are rail thin like a Euro pro.  Another good thing about the Silverline collection is that it has many more products such as bib tights, tights, windproof bib tights, long sleeve jerseys, thermal jackets and vests.  Also the bib tights and tights are in stock with or without a chamois.