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      FR-C Jerseys

      The Giordana FR-C jerseys are designed to bring you the latest technologies in materials as well as a race inspired fit to help you be the best you can be while also looking great. 

      The FR-C jerseys are designed for racing and as such they have their own special fit characteristics.  The first thing you will notice wearing the jersey is that it is snug but not tight.  Giordana has tried to eliminate any excess material that might flap in the wind.  Second you will notice that front is short.  You must keep in mind that this cycling jersey is designed for racing and not walking.  In the walking postion the FR-C will be short and on some taller riders might even show some midsection.  The benefit of the short jersey is it keep the material from folding over on itself or sticking out while in the riding postion. 

      If you want the fastest jersey out there that is race proven then the FR-C and FR-C Flex jerseys is what you need.  When paired with the FR-C and FR-C Flex bib shorts you will have fastest and most comfortable kit produced.