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      Men's Jerseys


      Giordana Cycling Jerseys


      We carry the full range of Giordana cycling jerseys from their FRC , Laser and Silverline collections to discontinued, team overruns, samples and pretty much anything else we can get our hands on from Giordana.  Why so much Giordana because we think it is some of the best cycling clothing you can buy.  Whether you are budget  minded or need the latest greates you can find it at Classic Cycling. 

      Giordana jerseys have been produced in Italy at the highest standards for over 30 years.  When you buy Giordana you can rest assured you are buying clothing that has been time tested as well enduring the rigors of the worlds hardest races.  Please take your time to browse our selection.  If you are interested in sizing please click on the Perfect Fit link on the jersey page or find the link at the bottom of the each page.  If you have any questions please email us.