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      Silverline Collection

      The Giordana Silverline Collection is a staple in Giordana's line and provides you with all the garments necessary for all seasons.  The Silverline Collection bosts many of the same materials as Giordana flagship FRC collection but at a  much more reasonable price.  The fit of this collection is somewhat more relaxed than the FRC.  No matter what you garment you need you will find it in the Silverline collection from, shorts, bib shorts, jerseys, long sleeve jerseys, vests, jackets, tights, bib tights, knickers, gloves and warmers.

      The Giordana Silverline Collection is from Giordana's Performance category.  This category showcases the performance and value that only Giordana offers. All articles are designed with a high technical content to meet the needs of cyclists of all levels. The Performance category, with its wide range of garments, is the ideal teammate for athletes who love cycling.