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      When you choose to design a custom piece with Classic, you get more than just a cheap jersey with a logo slapped on it. You get Shane, lifetime cyclist and owner of Classic Cycling.

      Shane designs all of our custom gear with the help of one key expert - you!  The process of building your perfect custom cycling piece begins when you fill out the form below and reach out to Shane to start the design process.  Shane is a lifetime cycling enthusiast, and he's spent much of his professional career designing cycling gear that truly works in areas where other brands fail.  He pays careful attention to detail, from comfortable grippers to chamois that won't quit, and he uses these designed-on-purpose pieces as your canvas so you can truly make them your own.  So, whether it's your sponsored team, your local club or just something unique just for you, you're in good hands with Shane.  Why not hit him up now and get things started?

      Ready To Get Started?

      All it takes to get started is to reach out to Shane to start the creative engine. Your custom kit is really only just a few clicks away.

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