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      36th - Pro 1.0 Bib Shorts

      The Pro 1.0 bib short is designed to keep you comfortable on the longest of days.

      Making a bib short is similar to putting together a high quality bicycle. If one part is off or not working up to the standards of the rest of the bicycle you will not get the full experience. and negatively impact the entire ride. That is the case with a bib short. A bib short is made up of multiple key parts and if one part fails or is improperly designed it does not matter how well executed the others are. The bib short is a fail. We feel we have used our experience and our customers feedback to create a short that merges the key components into a high performing custom product at a great price point.

      The first thing customers look at with shorts is the chamois and we feel our Pro 1 delivers what every rider is after, comfort. Our full coverage chamois, I will admit is rather large, but that is on purpose and helps us deliver what we feel is one of the key comfort features. Over the years I have found that when a bib short irritates me it is in the area where the chamois is sewn into the bib shorts and rubs the side of the nose of the saddle. The larger chamois gets the seams well away from any friction points near the saddle. As for the padding it uses multi-density foam that does a great job in distributing pressure without being too thick.

      Another area we paid close attention to is the leg gripper. The leg gripper is key for a good fitting bib short. Without a good leg gripper, and there are many out there, the bib short will slide up. When it slides up it allows the bib shorts material and chamois to bunch up in the crotch area which quickly leads to irritation. With our leg gripper the bib short settles into its natural location on the bike after a few minutes. At this point it will hold the bib short leg panel tight enough that the there is no bunching of material near your crotch. The leg gripper also performs well with knee and leg warmers.

      One other area that can be a source of frustration for our customers is the bib short uppers. The stretch on an upper must be just right to hold the bib shorts firmly in place but not be restrictive on your torso. While our uppers are made with mesh for breathe-ability they are not revolutionary BUT the attention to a proper length should provide a more comfortable fit both on and off the bike. Holding the waist line in its proper location is also key to the chamois and comfort.

      This is a preorder.  Once the team order is closed it will be placed with the factory and delivery time will be approximately 6 weeks.  

      On the fence about this 36th Street Women's Pro 1.0 Bib Shorts 2024? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

      Inventory Last Updated: Jun 17, 2024
      Classic Cycling
      SKU 36 WBib 2024-Small

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