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      Note: This item is a Sales Product Sample, so you're getting first-run quality at the lowest price online.  We encourage you to use our official sizing charts above to determine if this product will fit you. There are no additional sizes available, so please order thoughtfully.


      The Lady S2. Rosso Corsa Gloves prove Castelli’s commitment to providing femme cyclists with the highest quality materials. These gloves are high-performance racing gloves. The synthetic leather palm is supple enough to move with and conform to your hands, while being tough enough to protect your mitts from damage in case you take a tumble mid-race. They have minimal padding so that you always have a good feel for the handlebars, but the padding is intelligently placed, so the more sensitive parts of your palm will still be cushioned.
      The micromesh on the back of the gloves and the fingers gives you a second skin that provides the ultimate ventilation. The easy-off pull-tab will help you peel out of these without struggle, something we all appreciate after a hard day in the saddle.
      The Castelli Lady S2. Rosso Corsa Gloves are hard-core racing or intense training gloves for ladies. They’ll protect your hands from the elements and those unavoidable times you kiss the ground, but since they are cut to fit a lady’s smaller hands, they’ll never be obtrusive or uncomfortable.


      Tech Specs:

      • Synthetic leather palm

      • Minimal padding

      • Mircromesh back and fingers

      • Pull of tab

      Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Castelli Women's S2 Rosso Corsa - White Fluo is for you.

      Inventory Last Updated: Apr 19, 2024
      SKU 14067.Misc.Sample

      Castelli Men's Sizing

      Chest 36-37in 38-39in 39-41in 41-43in 43-45in 45-47in
      Waist 27-29in 29-31in 31-33in 33-35in 36-38in 38-41in

      Castelli Women's Sizing

      Chest 31-33in 33-35in 35-37in 37-39in 39-41in 41-42in
      Waist 25-26in 27-28in 29-30in 31-32in 33-34in 35in
      Hips 34-36in 36-38in 38-40in 40-42in 42-44in 44-45in

      Castelli Shoe Cover Sizing Euro Shoe Sizes

      Men ----- 36-39 40-42 43-44 45-46 46-48
      Women 35-37 37-39 39-42 ----- ----- -----

      Castelli Socks Sizing Euro Shoe Sizes

      Men's 36-39 40-43 44-47
      Women's 35-38 39-41 -----

      Castelli Gloves Sizing

      Men's 7.1in 7.1-7.9in 7.9-8.7in 8.7-9.4in 9.4-10in 10in
      Women's 6.3in 6.3-7.1in 7.1-7.9in 7.9-8.7in 8.7in -----

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