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      Nalini Cornalina Jacket with removable sleeves


      +12.0 / +18.0 ° C 54.0 / 64.0 ° F



      A new direction in research and development of transparent air-resistant coatings. Tanks to the unique structure and composition (100% PU) of the polymer, makes this a concrete solution for creating highly protective fabrics and garments with truly enduring performances, strong and at the same time soft, elastic and light.
      • Unequalled extension and elastic return.
      • Permeability to water (transpiration): 500/m2x24h UNI 4818 part 26.
      • Permeability to air: WIND RESISTANCE 15mm/s UNI EN ISO 9237/97.
      • Resistant to dry cleaning and machine wash at 30°C
      • Does not swell when wet.
      • Excellent temperature resistance.
      • Can be dyed.
      • Soft and comfortable to the touch.


      Nalini is a material recently created in modern research laboratories by means of the most advances technologies in the microfibre’s production field. It offers peculiarities similar to natural chamee-leather, as well as excellent properties of pratical use: it has a supple surface soft to the touch, it avoids troublesome skin inflammations thanks to its good transpiration and it offers an excellent resistance to tears, abrasions, as well as to stress in the washing machine at 30 °C. Nalini is therefore the up-to-date answer to the most exacting cyclists. Nalini, moreover, thanks to a higher number of microfibers per volume than natural chameeleather, it offers a pleasant softness and flexibility.


      On the fence about this Nalini Cornalina Winter Thermal Convertible Jacket? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

      Inventory Last Updated: Jun 10, 2023
      SKU 416014833013042-Small

      Nalini Men's Sizing

      Chest 35-37in 37-38in 39-40in 40-41in 42-43in 43-44in
      Waist 27-29in 29-31in 31-33in 33-35in 36-38in 38-41in
      Inseam 8.7in 9.1in 9.4in 9.8in 10in


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