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      Whether your ride takes up the highest peak East of Mississippi or has you hunkered down in the last few hot laps of your local crit, the Flex clothing line will keep you comfortable so you can focus on what is important - the ride.  If you are designing a jersey or kit for your local race team, club or your next charity ride, give the Flex line a close look.  We're pretty proud of this line and think you will be too.


      The Flex line is designed to be tailored to your body without feeling like you've been stuffed into a uncomfortable racing kit.  The result is a jersey and bib set that looks and acts like the highest-quality racing kit, but keeps you comfortable for hours in saddle. 


      We put comfort at the top of our list for the Flex line.  Then, we considered technical features that serious riders are after.  Finally, we married them together.  We build our Flex line to give you the performance that serious teams and club riders want with a level of comfort that will make them your favorite, no matter how long your ride.


      When building the Flex, our focus was on the details. Whether that is the camlock zipper, the 7.5cm Italian leg grippers or the use of 3 different materials on the jersey, we carefully planned each detail out to give you a fantastic feeling and performing garment that lets you focus on the real goal -the ride.

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