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      Born from a grueling 10-hour ride from North Carolina to Washington DC, the Hors Category Century line of custom offerings gives your group the best technology available in custom.  The bibs are crafted for supreme comfort on longer rides and the jerseys are designed to offer temperature control that rivals more expensive brands.


      The Hors Category line of gear offers the best race fit available for customization online.  Every aspect of this grouping is designed to optimize speed and performance on long rides and hot days.  The HC Century offers a tighter, more aerodynamic fit than most custom clothing, which translates to better performance on the bike.


      This collection was an idea born of necessity.  After ten hours in the saddle struggling with the a chamois that wouldn't stay in place and a jersey that didn't keep the heat at bay, the HC Century bibs and Ice Jersey were born.  High-end gel infused chamois that doesn't budge due to comfortable shoulder straps and leg grippers and mesh chest panels and buttery soft sleeve fabrics, the comfort the HC group provides is second to none.


      With a ton of time to think about it, there is no detail missed on the Hors Category of custom clothing.  Constructed with multiple Italian fabrics selected specifically for their compression, cooling, or comfort qualities, you'll be thrilled by the performance you can achieve when every single thing important to a cyclist has been considered and incorporated.  And the price keeps this high-end kit available to every team budget.

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